Fishbrook Official

Cd Unplugged Vol 2 Sep 2019

fish brookUnplugged

Track No.ArtistTitleLabelPlay Time brookSun (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:04:23 brookSuzi and Ludwig (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:02:17 brookMy Woodstock (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:03:33 brookTimemachine (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:02:42 brookParty People (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:02:17 brookIch Fühl Mich wie Herkules (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:03:16 brookCampfire (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:02:59 brookFire Burns (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:02:56 brookI Scream U Scream (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:03:32 brookDetails in the Night (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:04:30 brookSave (Unplugged)Pancake Records00:03:28


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